Special Needs

Valley Baptist is a community leader in ministry and outreach to families of children, teens, and adults who have physical, cognitive, and/or emotional disabilities. This is a dynamic ministry – constantly adapting to the varied acute and chronic needs of the participants and their families. Providing competent care demands knowledge about the wide range of disabilities and the conditions of those involved.


We have loving workers who will take care of your special needs individual during all worship services, including the Sunday School hour and on Wednesdays. It is not enough to merely affirm the rights of those with disabilities; we must actively work to enable these persons to become integral and vital in the fabric of the church family. As a ministry unto others, we listen genuinely to what our families have to say, becoming aware of their needs, showing respect and reverence for their family members.


Upon check-in with our quality staff, pagers are available so you may be contacted if a need arises. This is a very important ministry and those involved have a heart for service. The Special Needs Ministry of Valley is available to anyone at any age with a special need.


If you have questions about this ministry, please contact the church office at 501.268.7501.