Music Ministry

The Music Ministry of Valley Baptist Church offers an opportunity for children, young people, and adults to serve God and His church with the talents they have been given. Membership in one of our choirs affords the individual an opportunity to lead in worship services, to study the fundamentals of music, to learn more about choral singing, and to share a witness both inside and outside the church walls. You are invited to become involved in the Music Ministry and to use your talents in God's service! In our music, you may sing and hear classical, southern gospel and contemporary music back-to-back. Accompaniment may be programmed, an A/V presentation, organ, piano, keyboard, guitar or other instruments; all in a single service.
Valley Worship Choir
The Worship Choir exists to lead in worship. Worship Choir Membership is open to ages 13 years old and up who feel called to the ministry of worship leading through music. The work of the choir represents a service of love. It requires dedication that is based on conviction, not just convenience. Although individuals volunteer their time and talents to the choir, they must give their best in dependable service, knowing that God blesses a calling and dependability, not ability. Being a covenant member of the Worship Choir means there is a specific minimum attendance expectation. All quality choral organizations require faithful attendance from their membership. Your membership brings with it a level of accountability to your director, to other members, and to the Lord. If you have the desire and the willingness and the commitment to be a part of the Worship Choir, then PLEASE come and join us and allow God to use you, your voice, and your ability to lead others to the throne of God through music.


Children's Choirs


Valley has been blessed with a multitude of children. We have two children’s choir’s for them to be a part of as they learn music as well as working with others to present a yearly musical production. We have a choir for the younger ones (K-2nd grade) and for the older (3rd grade – 6th grade). Children's Choirs meet on Sundays at 5:00pm during the school year.
Message in Song


We call solos and other pieces of music played or sung by an individual "Message in Song." The song is lifted up to the Lord first, then as an encouragement and a message to the body of Christ. You'll hear us clap for each other a lot. We remind each other regularly that it's about the Lord, not us. But we clap as a responsive expression of thanksgiving to God. We also clap to encourage one of our own to worship the Lord.




The multimedia team consists of sound and media who work behind-the-scenes, helping people to hear and see what's going on in each service. Media plays a large role in helping people to worship. Dedicated individuals are in charge of sound, lighting, and PowerPoint presentations.
For more information, contact Pastor Mark at 501.268.7501.